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The AiroSport vaporizer offers superior performance, innovative design for ease of use, and a smooth yet powerful inhalation experience that consumers value regarding the AiroPro. The AiroSport battery provides additional striking originality with a nearly weightless sensation. Consumer reviews often describe how the AiroSport battery effortlessly enhances the premium AiroPod cartridges, allowing you to experience the same outstanding CBD oil from AIRO Brands that you have come to appreciate.

Travel with the uniquely designed AiroSport battery wherever you go. AIRO consistently strives to elevate your vaping experience. As a result, AIRO has enhanced the design of the AiroPro battery with an upgraded contact pin. The AiroSport will never restrict your seamless movements during life's adventures.


The AiroSport vaporizer delivers the same high-performance vaporizing experience as the AiroPro Battery while flaunting an enhanced and improved design. Sleek, comfortable, and luxurious to the touch with four new striking vibrant colors.


Note: AiroSport batteries are only compatible with AiroPro cartridges.



AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer - 320mAh Battery


The AiroSport rechargeable CBD vaporizer was designed to house these incredible CBD pods exclusively!


Its sleek and slim design lets it be used discreetly in any public atmosphere while still packing a hefty enough battery to deliver the vapor you need!


Additionally, the AiroSport battery functions as the device deliver a gentle vibration to indicate it's active. Its 8.5-watt output gives you a 2-second draw each time you hit it. Not only is it rechargeable, it gradually tells you its power level! 


Benefits of the AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer


  • 150 puffs per cartridge
  • Expansive cartridge selection
  • Pleasing vibrating sensation
  • Better value than disposable
  • Recyclable


How to Use the AiroSport CBD Cartridge Vaporizer


  • Insert/drop the cartridge into the device.
  • Draw on the mouthpiece to activate vaping.
  • The device vibrates to indicate that it's active during usage.


Active Feedback Indication


  • One pulse = 30% battery capacity remaining.
  • Two pulses = 20% battery capacity remaining.
  • Three pulses = 10% battery capacity remaining.
  • Halo flashes 10 times = the battery has expired and needs to be charged.

Looking where to buy the AiroPro Battery?



where to buy airopro battery on Good CBD

Good CBD also offers AiroPro CBD Cartridges.





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What's Included with the AiroSport Vaporizer?


  • AiroSport Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Chord
  • User Manual


     AiroSport Rechargeable Specifications


    • 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy Body
    • 320 mAh Li-ion Battery
    • 8.5W power output
    • Serving Size: one 2 second draw; each vaporizer provides 150 puffs


    Does the AiroSport Battery work with all cartridges?

    The AiroSport and AiroPro batteries work seamlessly with AIRO Cartridges, such as the Artesian or Live Flower AIRO cartridges. With advanced technology, the AiroSport battery ensures that every draw is consistent, delivering a smooth, flavorful CBD vaping experience every time.

    Please note that the AiroSport and AiroPro batteries are only compatible with AIRO Cartridges. For consumers who prefer to use various 510 cartridges, Good CBD offers a magnetic cartridge adapter that allows you to enjoy your favorite 510 carts, such as our bulk HHC carts.

    Experience convenience and imagination with the AiroSport battery, designed to satisfy consumers. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to vaping, these batteries and cartridges deliver unparalleled performance and flavor. Purchase an AiroSport battery and enjoy an elevated vaping experience.



    AiroSport's Unique Design and Build


    The AiroPro uses a CCELL cartridge that is not threaded. Instead of traditional 510 threading, the AiroSport battery contains a straight, magnetic connector. The magnetic connection occasionally needs to be adjusted by popping the atomizer back in and pressing it. Adjustments to vape cartridges are typical with extensive use.


    Alerts the AiroSport battery is dying


    The battery vibrates in a way to tell you if it is dying:


    One pulse – 30% battery left

    Two pulses – 20% battery left

    Three pulses – 10% battery left

    Although I would prefer lights to tell, this still lets you know where the battery is on the amount of power left.



    Vibrates when you are hitting it


    Taking a hit from the vaporizer results in a vibration you can feel. I like this feature as it lets you know when you are getting a hit or not. Adjust the cartridge by taking it out, putting it back in, and moving it a bit if you are not getting it to hit. This is common with other carts, but with the vibration feature, you get to that part a little faster since you can tell immediately if the vape pen is not hitting properly.



    Recommended Storage


    To preserve the outstanding quality of your AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer, please store it in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.





    The AiroSport battery and AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer are not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. 

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