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Airosport battery

Airopro Battery Returns

Airopro Battery Returns



Airo Brands is committed to delivering a superior cannabis experience using the highest quality materials and latest technologies. 

Airo Brands stands behind its products and has outstanding customer service.  If you experience any issues with any of their products purchased from us, please contact Airopro Brands directly:

Contact Airo brands  

Please save your email receipt for original purchase and purchase date information.  This may need to be provided when you contact Airopro Brands support. 

We appreciate the support and hope to serve you well into the future...

Best Regards,

Good CBD

Cleaning and Care Instructions for your Airopro battery:

Occasionally condensation can accumulate in the contact points of the AiroPro vaporizer, affecting the connection between the AiroPod cartridge and the AiroPro vaporizer power supply. Keep the contact pins dry by cleaning them after regular use for best performance. Below is a link that may help describe how to clean it...

(*Please note if you clean with Rubbing Alcohol you must use a 70% solution)


How to clean your vaporizer


Questions about your Airopro Brands products:

Airobrand Facts 

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