THCA Diamonds

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  • 1-Gram of THCA per jar

Our 99.9% THCa crystals are among the most potent hemp-derived cannabis products. Use them carefully, as even a tiny amount can be very powerful.

What Are THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds represent one of the strongest THC-rich cannabis concentrates. When heated, they can contain up to 99.9% THC. Before being heated, these diamonds are primarily made of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). This is the precursor to THC, the main compound in cannabis known for its mind-altering effects. THC also provides several medical benefits, such as pain relief and stimulating appetite.

How Do I Use THCA Diamonds?

The most common method to use THCA diamonds is vaporizing or "dabbing" them. They can be mixed with traditional cannabis flowers, incorporated into other concentrates, or used in various ways. Always follow recommended dosages and guidelines when consuming.


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