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AiroPod - AiroPro Vape Cartridges:

Experience the true essence of hemp with AiroPro vaporizer's AiroPods. These unique AiroPro CBD vape cartridges, compatible with AiroPro and AiroSport batteries, bring the natural flavor of hemp flower to your fingertips.


Innovative CBD Vape Cartridge Technology by AIRO Brands: AIRO Brands' pioneering Live Flower ceramic CBD vape cartridges are pre-filled with pure distillate oil, blended with hemp-derived terpenes from top-quality, fresh flower grown in living soil. Our Live Flower Series, distinct from live resin, captures the full-spectrum terpene profile of each strain, offering a fresh flower taste and a lasting euphoric effect.


AiroPod Live Flower Series:

  • Silver Haze - Sativa: Enjoy the earthy, piney flavor and uplifting effects, ideal for daily motivation.
  • White Rhino - Indica: Savor the sweet, fruity flavor with floral notes, perfect for relaxation and sleep.
  • Skunk Berry - Hybrid: Delight in sweet berry and sour citrus flavors for all-day and night vaping.
  • Platinum Glue - Indica: Experience the diesel and kush aroma, ideal for body relaxation and pain management.


Available Strains and Their Benefits: 

  • Sativa strains for energy and productivity.
  • Indica strains for relaxation and higher CBD levels.
  • Hybrid strains blend the best of both worlds.


Choosing Your Ideal Cannabis Strain:

Good CBD guides you through the differences between cannabis strains to help you choose the right one for your needs, whether it's an AiroPod CBD cartridge or other vape products.

Why AiroPod? Our AiroPods stand out with their magnetic connection, single-source cannabis-derived terpenes, and full-spectrum profiles, creating an unparalleled vaping experience. Embrace the purity and natural essence with every puff.


Try Airo Pod Cartridges - Artisan Series

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AiroPro Vaporizer


AiroPro Vaporizer the battery for AiroPods on Good CBD

AiroSport Battery 

airosport battery for airopods by AiroPro on Good CBD

Troubleshooting Your AiroPro Cart: 

Encounter issues with your Airo Pod CBD vape cartridge? Don't let a malfunctioning cartridge dampen your vaping experience. Here's a guide to efficiently troubleshooting your AiroPro CBD vape cartridge and restoring its functionality.

Common Issues with AiroPod Cartridges:

  • Clogged Cartridge: One frequent problem is the thickening of oil in the AiroPod, leading to clogs.
  • Connection Issues: An unstable connection between the cartridge and the battery is another common challenge, preventing proper vapor production.


Practical Solutions for AiroPro CBD Cartridge:

  1. Clean the Cartridge: Use a needle or toothpick to clear blockages, or soak the cartridge in warm water to loosen thick oil.
  2. Ensure Proper Connection: Check the connection between the cartridge and the AiroPro or AiroSport battery. Clean the contact points for a solid link.
  3. Replace the Cartridge: Sometimes, the best solution is to replace the old cartridge with a new one to ensure optimal performance.

Compatibility of AiroPro Pen with Other Cartridges:

The AiroPod cartridges are designed exclusively for use with AiroPro or AiroSport vaporizers. These utilize a magnetic connector instead of standard 510 threading, requiring specific alignment for optimal use.

Exploring the AiroPod - AiroPro Live Flower Series:

  • Type: CBD Vaporizer Cartridge
  • Content: 100% Hemp Extract, No Cutting Agents
  • Features: Euphoric Effect, Broad Spectrum, 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Unique Extract: Contains CBN, Delta-8 THC, CBG, THCV, CBDV, CBC, and White Rhino terpenes.
  • Source: Premium Colorado-sourced CBD, with 500mg broad-spectrum, crystal-resistant distillate.

AiroPro Battery Specifications:

  • Material: Durable magnesium alloy body
  • Battery: 320mAh Li-ion, Micro USB rechargeable
  • Output: 8.5 W power, 300mA charging current

Concluding Notes:

By cleaning, checking the connection, or replacing the cartridge, you can swiftly troubleshoot your AiroPro cart issues. These simple steps can quickly restore your AiroPod cartridge, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience.

Note: AiroPro battery or AiroSport vaporizer are not included! We have you covered if you don't have an Airo Pod battery - Click Here!

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