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AiroPro Battery Colors:

  • Arctic
  • Emerald
  • Slate


AiroPro Vaporizer - 320mAh Battery

The AiroPro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer was engineered to use AIRO premium oil cartridges, known as AiroPods. They've expanded to offer a variety of vape cartridges to suit every individual. Good CBD offers AiroPro CBD cartridges, including the Live Flower Series and AiroPro Artisan Series, for consumers seeking the best CBD vape!


AIRO Brands is favored for its innovation, as seen in the AiroPro battery, boasting a slender and elegant appearance. AiroPro consumers can utilize the device inconspicuously in various environments and settings without drawing unwanted attention. 


AiroPro battery is a superior vaporizer constructed with powerful battery life to guarantee an optimal vaping experience and provide the desired vapor in each puff!


The AiroPro battery and AiroSport provide unparalleled convenience and portability with the consumer in mind. With the state-of-the-art contact pin integration, you can rest assured your vaping experience will be satisfactory. The AiroPro battery is a model of sophistication and excellence, ensuring your vaping sessions are consistent and unrestricted, regardless of location.


Incorporated within the AiroPro battery is a unique feature that sets it apart from other vaping accessories - a gentle vibration activated when the device is in use. It gradually communicates its power level to you, providing you with ample warning when it's time to recharge the device. This unique addition helps you plan your vaping sessions accordingly and avoid any inconveniences caused by a dead battery. This fun, cutting-edge technology alerts you when your AiroPro battery life is low and needs recharging. 


With an output of 8.5 watts, the AiroPro vaporizer lets you indulge in 2-second draws with every puff, providing a satisfying and fulfilling experience. Another benefit of the AiroPro battery is its rechargeable, making it an environmentally-friendly option that eliminates the need for disposable batteries. 


Benefits of the AiroPro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer:

  • 150 puffs per cartridge.
  • Expansive Airo Pod cartridge selection.
  • Pleasing vibrating sensation.
  • Better value than disposable.
  • Recyclable.


How to Use the AiroPro CBD Cartridge Vaporizer:

  • Insert/drop the cartridge into the device.
  • Draw on the mouthpiece to activate vaping.
  • The device vibrates to indicate that it's active during usage.


AiroPro Active Feedback Indication:

  • One pulse = 30% battery capacity remaining.
  • Two pulses = 20% battery capacity remaining.
  • Three pulses = 10% battery capacity remaining.
  • Halo flashes 10 times = the battery has expired and needs to be charged.


What's Included with the AiroPro Battery:

  • AiroPro Battery Device
  • Micro USB Charging Chord
  • User Manual


    Try the lightweight AiroSport Battery:


    airosport battery and airopods CBD vape on Good CBD

    Airo Pod CBD Cartridges:


    Live Flower SeriesAiroPro live resin flower series CBD cartridge on Good CBD

    Artisan Series

    Air Pod CBD Cartridges Artisan Series by AiroPro on Good CBD

    AiroPro Rechargeable Specifications: 

    • Closed system, not compatible with other vaporizer cartridges
    • 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy Body
    • 320 mAh Li-ion Battery
    • 8.5W power output
    • Serving Size: one 2-second draw; each vaporizer provides 150 puffs


    Recommended Storage For Your AiroPro

    To preserve the exceptional quality of your AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer, please store it in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.



    The AiroPro CBD Rechargeable Vaporizer should not be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. 

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