CBD dog treats and CBD oil for pets are a natural calming aid that provides anxiety relief for dogs. CBD for pets can be offered as a tasty treat, an easy-to-use tincture, or as chewable. Our products are extremely effective & recommended by Vets.

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CBD Oil for Pets Q&A

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

CBD treats for dogs and CBD oil for dogs are safe. This also applies to other animals (do your research) as most contain similar cannabinoid receptors as humans! Lots of talk on how much CBD to give a dog Reddit-wise, but that’s all word of mouth. Communities such as Reddit are wonderful places to learn about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Use responsibly, CBD dog oil, CBD dog treats and more are indeed safe for your fur baby. If administering CBD oil to your dog be sure to choose a reputable vendor such as Good CBD. People try to find how to make CBD dog treats homemade and end up purchasing cheap or even artificial CBD isolate products which can cause harm. 

Rather than make your own or frantically search for CBD dog treats near you, stick with Good CBD to ensure you get premium quality, lab-tested CBD oil for dogs because they are family!

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil for dogs?

These days the majority of pet owners hear about using CBD oil for dogs for pain and arthritis; but also mention hemp oil for dogs. The lingering question for most pet owners is hemp oil the same as CBD oil for dogs, or is one more effective?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant and very little THC is found in hemp oil. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis itself, also containing less than 0.3% THC so CBD oil for pets is not psychoactive. However, CBD pet oil can provide numerous benefits for your fur baby.

Pets benefit from hemp pet treats, and dogs take CBD oil as they develop arthritis, have anxiety and pain issues - as well as various benefits that are still being researched. When considering hemp treats for dogs, and CBD oil for pets - a general consensus is to research what benefits your pet needs. Hemp oil will most likely not contain CBD, whereas CBD oil is may have more benefits but differs from hemp-seed extraction for pet treats.

Can I give my dog CBD oil for humans?

Pet owners know that their diet is extremely important, as chocolate can be toxic yet specific types of peanut butter can be a protein, packed treat. This applies to some other medications as well, which can be toxic to pets or safely used…so, can humans take CBD oil for dogs?

The answer is yes, although CBD is packed with over 50 different mechanisms of actions with full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate and more that all differ in extraction, benefits and cannabinoids they contain. Dogs have an endocannabanoid system, ECS, the same as humans, CBD oil for dogs can induce several benefits and effects at once, as the ECS is responsible for alleviating pain responses, CBD oil can enhance a pets mood as it benefits the nervous system helping alleviate anxiety. CBD pet oil can also aid in digestion for your pet.

We recommend purchasing our Kewl K9 CBD pet products, not giving CBD oil for humans to dogs. This is because there are a variety of factors when measuring dosage - also taste. CBD dog treats can be a wonderful tool for training whereas CBD dog oil can is flavored to appeal to your pets tastebuds.

Can you overdose a dog on CBD oil?

Dogs can’t overdose on hemp CBD oil in terms of the traditional “way” we worry about pet overdoses. It is important to note, that CBD oil for dogs can have side effects for your pup. Your pet will most likely sleep off high doses of CBD pet drops or a hemp dog treat, but in any dire situation contact a veterinarian if you are worried about potential CBD oil dog side effects.

CBD for pets, including dog CBD oil does not induce respiratory effects, such as depression and slow breathing. Furthermore, when administering hemp oil dog treats - your dog can only utilize so much CBD in their system,

No, dogs can not overdose on hemp CBD oil, at least not in the traditional, effective way. However, high doses of dog CBD oil can result in adverse side effects. The good news is that dogs are likely to sleep off these effects. Namely, CBD does not react with brainstem receptors and does not cause respiratory depression. Dogs can only utilize so much CBD, and the rest will remain a waste.