What Is Liquid Budder?

Liquid budder, a potent cannabis concentrate with a thick, peanut butter-like consistency, is traditionally used by connoisseurs in dab rigs or layered over flower, which can be complex. To simplify your experience, TreHouse incorporated THCA liquid budder directly into our vape extract!

Is THCA Legal?

Interested in THCA vaping but concerned about legality? Rest assured, all our THC products are derived from legal hemp and fully comply with the 2018 US Farm Bill.

Why Do We Like Selling Tre House Vape Products?

Whether you're in the market for THCA vapes, HHC vapes, or magic mushroom essentials, We think TRĒ House is your trusted source. All their products come with a Certificate of Analysis from third-party labs, ensuring full transparency and quality assurance. Choose TRĒ House for a superior experience regarding your vaping and mushroom needs.