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510 Thread Magnetic Adapter

This 510-thread magnetic ring adapter is a high-end circular magnetic connector designed for use with THC, CBD, and HHC carts. This miniature ring utilizes a 510 threading that can be fastened to the base of most 510-compatible vape oil cartridges currently accessible, including prefilled Delta-8 cartridges or our bulk HHC carts.




  • Designed for the AiroPro Battery, AiroSport Vaporizer, and Yocan Uni Vape
  • 510-Threaded Magnetic Adapter
  • Compatible with any 510-thread oil vape cartridge
  • Adapters work with .5ML and 1ML cartridges. 




Vape All The Top Cartridge Brands With Your Battery


This magnetic ring allows the AiroPro battery to accommodate most of the 510-threaded cartridges on the market today. It makes for a seamless experience for vaping on the go with your battery. The magnetic rings are an excellent addition to your arsenal because having a pack of these will ensure you can vape all the top cartridge brands in the market today! 


These 510 magnetic adapters are relatively small enough to get lost easily. Ensure you always have one handy; therefore, you never find yourself without a magnetic adapter to satisfy your vaping desires, whether indulging in the most popular cannabis strains of HHC carts or AiroPod CBD cartridges.



Compatible With All Cartridge Brands


Injoy Extracts, 3CHI, Tree Top Hemp Co., No Cap Hemp Co., Urb, Good CBD, Delta Effex, Canna Clear, Hometown Hero, The Hemp Doctor, Utoya, Delta Ape, Hempire, and many more!


You can find the entire operating manual on our blog - CLICK HERE.



Adapter Quality


Carefully crafted, these magnetic 510 adapter rings are constructed using high-quality materials to prevent breakage; however, avoid overtightening the 510-threaded connection. In doing so, the threaded cartridge connections may become loose.

The cartridge adapter is made to be easy to use. All you need to do is connect your favorite cartridge to your Magnetic Ring, slide it in the battery, and wait for the magnetic connections to snap.

Always inspect that the adapter's magnetic face is clean and any residue has been cleaned. Otherwise, the flow of electricity from the battery could become interrupted, affecting the overall performance of the vaporizer itself.



What is the 510 Thread Magnetic Ring Adapter?

These tiny magnetic ring adapters are designed to be attached to the bottom of most 510-threaded accepting vape oil cartridges. Once connected, the adapter is inserted into the battery's housing allowing internal magnets to create a strong and reliable connection between the heating element and the battery. Utilizing these adapters is effortless and quick to attach your favorite CBD THC carts cartridge to your favorite battery!


Works with Yocan Uni Vape (Box Mod)

how to use yocan uni vape on Good CBD with 510 magnetic adapters





Indulge in Premium HHC Carts


hhc carts wholesale on Good CBD use with 510 magnetic adapter

About 510 Magnetic Threaded Adapter

The 510 Thread Magnetic Ring Adapter is essential for 510-threaded vape cartridges filled with HHC distillate, Delta 8, CBD oil cartridge, or other cannabinoids.

Since its inception, vaping has become more popular, increasing the demand for compatible accessories. One such accessory that has been gaining popularity among vapers is the 510-thread magnetic ring adapter. Premium magnetic adapter rings are vital due to constant design changes in popular vaporizer batteries that don't support 510-threaded cartridges. Grab a set of 510 magnetic ring adapters, allowing you to make the most of your AiroPro Battery, Yocan, and others.



Why Should You Use a 510 Thread Magnetic Ring Adapter?

Magnetic adapters allow consumers to use their preferred 510 vape battery, as innovation constantly alters popular vape cartridge functionality and design. Shoppers can select and purchase an array of Delta-8 carts, the best HHC carts online, and others; while enjoying new technology, such as AiroPro CBD cartridges. These are fantastic for traveling as they provide a reliable connection between today's popular 510 oil cartridge and the vast selection of vape batteries released. Indulge and receive the most from your vaping experience without wasting oil due to incompatibility. Designed to be easy and used on the go, these 510 magnetic adapters are a breeze. Attach the magnetic adapter to your 510 oil cartridge, slip the magnetic adapter ring into the battery's housing, and vape your favorite 510 oil cartridge along with AiroPro CBD cartridges and the Yocan Uni Vape.

  • Please note: the 510-thread magnetic ring adapter is a universal, miniature connector ring developed to be compatible with most vape devices. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility throughout all vape battery models and brands. We have tested these magnetic adapters with favored brands, such as the AiroPro battery, AiroSport vaporizer, and Youcan Uni Vape (Box Mod).

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