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THCA Pre-Roll Highlights:

  • 2g THCA CAVIAR pre-roll
  • 100% organic fresh ground buds
  • No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant


Experience THCA Caviar Bliss

Good CBD presents its THCA Caviar Pre-Rolls - each drag is a seamless blend of relaxation and euphoria. These pre-rolls ensure an unparalleled journey, perfect for unwinding after a strenuous day or gearing up for an evening with friends.

Premium THCA Flower from the USA

Sourced from top-notch hemp grown in the USA and enriched with a lavish layer of distillate and kief, our caviar pre-rolls promise a profound experience. Every 2g pre-roll is loaded with robust THCA flower, ensuring an outstanding thrill with every use.

Understanding the Legality of THCA

The legal perspective on THCA can be inconsistent, varying by region. While THCA doesn't mirror THC's psychoactive effects, legally, it's often viewed in a similar light. This is attributed to THCA's transformation into THC upon heating.

Several regions embrace a more relaxed stance on cannabis, granting access to THCA offerings. Conversely, some, especially those in the early stages of cannabis legalization, adopt more rigid regulations. It's imperative to stay informed about the local legal landscape concerning THCA and its related products in your vicinity.

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THCA Pre-Rolls 


each THCA pre roll comes with two grams of THCA flower


each jar of THCA diamonds contains 1 gram of crystal and is 99.9% pure THCA

  • Best CBD Confectionary - CBD Expo Midwest

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