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Top 5 Best THC Gummies for Sleep 2024

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Are you having trouble catching those elusive Z's at night? 

Many people in modern society are tossing and turning, hoping to find a tasty, natural solution that can gently guide you to dreamland. Look no further. 

This year's lineup of the best THC gummies for sleep and other benefits is more impressive than ever, boasting a variety of options that promise a smoother sail to the sea of sleep. 

Here, we'll unwrap the five best THC gummies that are not just delicious but incredibly effective at promoting a restful night's sleep. 


1.) A Sweet Dream Awaits with Good CBD 

Good CBD takes the lead in our dreamy gummy journey. 

Their carefully crafted cannabis sleep gummies are infused with a perfect blend of CBD, CBN and melatonin.

We also offer a CBD CBN sleep solution without melatonin; our nighttime CBD tincture also is packed with CBG and CBN.

Think of these treats as your gentle lullaby in edible form, a surefire way to engulf your nights in tranquility. 

The potency is balanced to aid sleep without causing grogginess the following day – making them ideal for sleepers seeking harmony in their schedule. 


2.) Injoy the Night with Injoy Extracts 

Next up, Injoy Extracts is a beacon of bedtime bliss. 

Their THC gummies are designed explicitly for the night-owl-turned-early-bird. 

The harmonious fusion of THC and natural sleep aids in their gummies is the answer to your REM prayers. 

Imagine melting into your pillow as the fruity bliss of Injoy's gummies takes effect, enveloping you in a cocoon of calm.


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3.) Peaceful Evenings with Hemp Health 

Rounding out our trio of top-notch nocturnal gummy artisans is Hemp Health. 

Their THC-infused gummies stand out with a dedication to purity and relaxation potency. 

Their secret? A unique blend that supports a whole night's sleep – so you awake rejuvenated and ready to rise. 

Their ethical sourcing and focus on sustainable production make them a guilt-free pleasure for the planet and your peace of mind. 


  best thc gummies for sleep near me


4.) Extended Options: Relaxing Cannabinoids

Welcome CBN+CBG Gummies to the scene, the perfect sleep solution in every bite.

These vegan cannabis sleep gummies are Blu Razz flavored, infused with 10mg CBG and 10mg of CBN per gummy.

CBN and CBG work together, inducing the entourage effect from blending cannabinoids, optimizing benefits and effectiveness.

These non-psychoactive gummies are made in the USA without artificial colors or flavors, ensuring a natural and effective way to promote restful sleep.


5.) Serene Nights with Hemp Oils

Our last cannabis sleep solutions aren't gummies, but we felt it worthy of closing out our list — hemp oils for sleep, relaxation, and numerous additional health benefits.

For a fast solution without added calories, sugars, or sweets, browse our extensive hemp oil collection.

Try everything from our formulated, cannabinoid-packed nighttime cannabis oils to our Delta 9 tincture.

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Does Delta 9 make you sleepy?

That's a question with many variables, including body chemistry, tolerance, and potential interactions with other medications.
Consumers with a lower tolerance value our Delta 9 oil because it provides a reassuring solution by allowing you to consume smaller, more accurate doses.

Good CBD specializes on manufacturing premium weed tinctures containing the most beloved and beneficial cannabinoids currently being researched.

Our CBG:CBN tincture is a unique offering, free from melatonin, making it an intriguing option for inducing relaxation; without the grogginess that some may experience with melatonin.

Not to mention, CBG tinctures have gained popularity as more research has been released, suggesting their potential to boost our immune system significantly.

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FAQS: Using THC Gummies for Sleep

  1. Can THC gummies cause a hangover-like effect? Most quality THC gummies are not associated with a hangover-like impact, as they typically contain ingredients that promote rest without residual drowsiness.  

    Remember, effects can vary with dosage and individual sensitivity. 

  2. How long before bed should I take a cannabis edible?  It's usually advised to take a cannabis gummy 30 minutes to an hour before you plan to sleep. 

    This allows adequate time for the THC to take effect.

  3. Will I still be able to wake up for early commitments?  You should wake up refreshed and alert if you follow the recommended dosages and allow for a deep night's sleep. 

  4. Where can I find the best THC gummies near me for sleep?  With the increasing availability of legal cannabis products, stick with a reputable brand, such as Good CBD. 

    We ensure third-party lab testing, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service. 

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