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Anxiety Relief Using CBD

fighting anxiety and depression with CBD

Your Physical and Mental Health 

Many arguments could easily be made stating that COVID 19 has caused a definite spike in stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. One of the most significant unknowns of COVID 19 is how the virus interacts with psychological and physical conditions. Many people do not realize that there are connections between physical and mental health. It's not just the long time of quarantine, but more subtly, how COVID 19 combines with other existing conditions to weaken the patient's mental health and zap energy. Stress can disturb the ability to plan and can change the way how specific brain cells work. According to studies, the brain can shut down due to tremendous stress and anxiety and cannot process anything in front of us. How a person responds to stress and anxiety during this pandemic depends on his/her background, financial situation, social support from friends and family, where a person lives, and many more.

According to Oasis intelligence (Cannabis and Hemp Industry Tracker), many consumers turn to CBD oil to reduce stress, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Recent studies show that CBD helps patients and comes in handy for those working long shifts. It helps restore sleep and reduces pain and inflammation from being on their foot all day. Many adults prefer cannabinoids like CBD for depression and anxiety. With a high margin of safety and few side effects, scientists are also finding that CBD could help fight COVID 19.

What Is CBD, And How Can It Be Used?

The first question that comes in is what CBD is. CBD is one of more than 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants. In the past few years, CBD has attracted attention in the wellness industry, with various studies stating that it can help treat multiple conditions, including anxiety and depression. Many people often get CBD confused with THC. These both are cannabinoids, and despite sharing a similar chemical structure, they both are quite different and have different effects on the human body. THC is the cannabinoid whose influence can make you feel high, but in contrast, CBD does not make you high. Both THC and CBD affects your body's endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of keeping our body in balance. Before discussing CBD's use in the treatment of anxiety, we must know the definition of anxiety. It can be defined as intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about an everyday situation. Excessive worrying, feeling agitated, restlessness, fatigue, and difficulty in concentration are symptoms of anxiety. 

To get through these tough times, everyone needs to develop a coping strategy. From deep breathing and yoga to mindfulness and meditation, you can do various activities to promote a sense of inner calm. Given below are four ways of how CBD products can help in reducing anxiety and depression. 

  1. CBD helps in improving the sleep cycle

People suffering from anxiety and depression often complain about the lack of sleep. Excessive pressure often interrupts your sleep cycle, and lack of sleep is one of the reasons that causes anxiety. CBD has claimed to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It has shown results in clinical trials, so the FDA has approved CBD for medical use. It helps in calming our minds and increases the chances of falling asleep naturally without any interruption.

2. CBD reduces pain and inflammation

Earlier, we have discussed that anxiety and stress can cause muscle pain, headache, and chronic inflammation. As CBD products are natural, it has been proven to be a muscle relaxant and work better than other painkillers. CBD also works as an anti-inflammatory drug as it controls cytokine production, which is responsible for various inflammatory diseases in the human body. CBD oil can help in the reduction of pain and inflammation by reducing cytokine and affecting CB-2 receptors.

3. CBD Helps In Enhancement Of Metabolism

If you have a flawed digestive system and metabolism, it will eventually affect your quality of life. It will make you feel bloated and sluggish. Due to illness, the human body's natural functioning gets disrupted, and if it becomes more serious, it causes stress and can lead to anxiety. If you start consuming CBD daily, it will improve your metabolism and burn unnecessary fat, making you feel better. 

 4. CBD Calms Your Central Nervous System

Over time CBD has become a more trustworthy and legitimate option for treating anxiety through slow recognition both inside and outside the professional medical community. CBD's ability to adapt has also been uncovered through research as several CBD oil uses have been found for other diseases. Some of the most impressive results in a study done in treating children with epileptic seizures with CBD oil. In a large study, it has been found that CBD oil reduces the frequency of seizures by 50 percent. If administered quickly and adequately, then CBD oil could also reduce the intensity of the anxiety attack. 

It has been proven that CBD has a calming effect on our central nervous system, making it the right treatment for anxiety and a natural remedy for insomnia. It also aligns with the evidence that suggests CBD reacts with cannabinoid receptors in our body, some of which help regulate circadian rhythm. CBD is also used as medicine for patients who have insomnia. It is found that patients who consumed CBD for one month experienced a noticeable improvement in sleep. 

Popular Ways People Are Consuming CBD 

There are various ways of consuming CBD oils or concentrates, below are 
  • Sublingual (under the tongue) -  consuming CBD sublingually with a oil or tincture. With the help of a dropper, place some drops of oil under your tongue before swallowing and feel the CBD's full effects quickly.  Always keep track of the exact dosage you consume and try to replicate it at the exact time daily.  This method ensures you get the full benefits of CBD
  • Ingestion of edibles - Hemp extract is used to infuse candies and various other treats in the form of edibles.  If your watching your sugar intake you can also use CBD oil in your recipes at home without compromising with your regular diet.
  • Inhalation through smoking or vaping - 

    By inhaling CBD concentrates or flower, you ensure that you receive a powerful and quick dosage of CBD. If you want to seek relief from anxiety symptoms quickly this is the fastest option available.

  • Topical applications - If you are looking for joint pain treatment, muscle pain, skin conditions like neck pain, back pain, headache, eczema, or sinus congestion, CBD infused topical may be a good option. However, It is not recommended for acute anxiety relief.


The coronavirus has spread worldwide and claimed the lives and jobs of millions of people.  It's normal to have anxiety attacks and depression during a time like this. CBD may not be able to fight COVID 19 directly, but it can certainly help you reduce stress and anxiety.

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