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 60mg HHC - Sour Gummy Worm Edibles



60mg HHC Sour Gummy Worm Edibles Information:


  • 1lb (92 HHC Gummy Worms)
  • 60mg HHC Per Gummy Worm
  • 5520mg HHC Per Bag
  • FlavorSour Neon 
  • Contains No Delta 9 THC
  • Made in the USA
  • Formulated With HHC Extract
  • Third-Party Lab Tested


Experience the power of HHC(Hexahydrocannabinol) with Good CBD top-quality, potent, and lab-tested HHC gummies! These gummies, infused with 60 mg per serving, are the best HHC gummies on the market. Unlike our vegan Delta 9 gummies, HHC gummies are less likely to cause sedation, making them ideal for daytime use. Our specialized formula ensures maximum stability and potency, providing an uplifting feeling with smooth, focused energy.

HHC, Hexahydrocannabinol, is a more stable form of THC, allowing HHC gummies to maintain a longer shelf life due to the molecule's unique hydrogenated structure. With potential benefits that include chronic pain management, anti-inflammatory properties, promoting restorative sleep, and calming anxiety and depression, HHC gummies are becoming a favorite for those seeking to get an HHC high.

Why settle for less when it comes to your wellness? Choose HHC gummies by Good CBD and experience the difference for yourself.


What is HHC?

A Stable and Potent Variation of THC

HHC, as mentioned earlier, is a hydrogenated form of THC. The hydrogenation process used to create it is similar to the one used in creating margarine from vegetable oil. In this process, hydrogen atoms are added to the chemical structure, resulting in a more stable compound.

HHC is naturally present in hemp but in trace amounts. To obtain a usable quantity of HHC, a complex process involving the saturation of THC with hydrogen atoms is required. This process, conducted under high pressure and a catalyst like nickel or palladium, breaks THC's double-bond chemical structure, replacing it with hydrogen. This results in a compound that retains THC's effects and potency but with increased stability.

The minor alteration in HHC's molecular structure significantly impacts its properties. It increases the compound's binding affinity for the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors and the TRP pain receptors. As a result, HHC gummies, HHC carts, and other products may have a more substantial effect than THC on pain relief and other related effects.

Interestingly, HHC's molecular structure makes it much more stable than THC. In its natural form, THC is highly vulnerable to oxidation and degradation, which results in the formation of CBN (cannabinol), a less potent compound. In contrast, HHC retains its potency for much longer when exposed to air, heat, and UV light. HHC potency and stability make it an excellent choice for a stable and long-lasting cannabinoid.

HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC that offers increased stability and potency. Its molecular structure makes it less vulnerable to degradation and oxidation, allowing it to retain its strength for extended periods. HHC may also have a more substantial effect on pain relief and other related HHC gummies effects. As more research is conducted on this compound, we'll learn more about its potential benefits and applications.

Experience the superior taste and potency of HHC gummies by Good CBD, the ultimate destination for pot gummy enthusiasts. Our 60mg HHC gummy rings offer an uplifting, soothing physical and mental experience consumers love. 

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What are HHC Gummies Effects?

Looking for a natural energy boost in the morning? Consider HHC gummies. As a psychoactive cannabinoid, HHC can provide a calm and pleasant euphoria, sharpened attention, and spurts of creativity. Consumers have reported better memory recall and a better sense of humor. HHC gummies can help energize and refresh you, but consuming them in moderation is essential due to potential intoxication.

Had a stressful day and need to relax? HHC gummies can help calm anxious thoughts and ease sore muscles and joints. They can also help you sleep more quickly, leading to restful sleep.

Feeling low and need a pick-me-up? HHC gummies can put you in happy bliss and may enhance your sense of taste and scent. They may also help ease physical stomach symptoms such as nausea.

HHC gummies have benefits to help progressively relax your body, leading to a natural drop in elevated blood pressure. Also, consumers on Reddit have expressed that HHC gummies promote overall well-being and a state of tranquility.

Always consume HHC gummies in moderation and consult a healthcare professional if you have any underlying medical conditions. These statements have not been evaluated and proven, as more research involving hemp-derived cannabinoids is underway.

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Will HHC Gummies get you High?

Consuming HHC edibles, such as our 60 mg HHC gummies sour worms, can produce a potent high for most consumers. However, it's important to note that each person's reaction to HHC can vary due to factors like tolerance and weight, so we can't guarantee the exact potency of the effects.

HHC has a similar potency to THC due to its alkyl side chain's number of carbons, which allows it to bind well to cannabinoid receptors. The relaxing properties of HHC may be due to Delta-10.

HHC gummies, HHC carts, and other products can cause euphoria, cognitive impairment, visual distortions, and physical sensations when consumed in moderate doses. However, excessive dosages can lead to a more intense and potentially unpleasant euphoric high since HHC is approximately 70-80% as potent as THC. It's important to note that there is limited research on the effects of higher dosages of HHC.

As with all pot gummies, finding the correct dosage that works for you is vital. HHC dosage can vary, with many users enjoying the effects of HHC gummies 25mg to 60mg depending on weight, tolerance, and other variables.


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Is HHC Safe

Your safety is a top priority at Good, which is why we adhere to strict third-party lab testing and manufacturing procedures, remaining Federally Compliant. While limited research is available on the effects of HHC, including HHC gummies and vape carts, we take every precaution to ensure our products are of the highest quality and purity.

As we've seen with Delta 8 gummies and our vegan Delta 9 gummies, our 60mg HHC gummies have the potential to provide benefits and effects comparable to THC. 

Starting with a low dosage of HHC is always a good idea, especially if you are new to using cannabinoids. Good CBD's HHC gummies are carefully developed to provide an enjoyable experience. Try our HHC products today and experience the benefits for yourself!


Is HHC Legal?

HHC is technically legal, although we've seen with other hemp-derived gummies, such as Delta 8 gummies, that the laws surrounding HHC gummies, HHC carts, and other products are considered a grey area. HHC distillate derived from hemp without containing THC is technically legal yet can face classification as a THC analog.

Most businesses sell and ship HHC gummies online across the country, but it's crucial to do proper research before purchasing due to the constantly changing local and state legislation. Good CBD strives to stay updated on the legality of HHC. Still, ultimately it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with the laws in their area before buying HHC gummies online.


 Can You Fly With HHC Gummies?

Generally, flying with HHC products, such as HHC gummies or carts, is permitted as long as the HHC gummies and other hemp products are produced in compliance with the regulations outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

However, verifying the state laws regarding THC edibles, including hemp gummies like Delta 8, Delta 9 gummies, or HHC, is crucial before departure. Keeping HHC gummies and HHC vape carts in their original, sealed packaging are recommended. Due to varying legalities, transporting Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies is more problematic. The legal status of Delta, 8 gummies in Texas, Florida, and Tenennnse (to name a few), was recently challenged on a local level.

Remember that the legality of carrying HHC gummies may differ based on where you are leaving from and your final travel destination. When planning international travel and flying with HHC products, especially HHC gummies, Delta 8, or Delta 9 gummies, it's your responsibility to use extreme caution and conduct thorough research of all laws.

For consumers who maintain a medical marijuana prescription, traveling with your prescription handy is always advisable, even if traveling with legal Delta 9 gummies or HHC products. State and local laws can shift quickly, confusing traveling with pot gummies or other edibles.

Furthermore, consumers must be at least 21 years of age to possess HHC products. In short, if you are wondering about traveling with HHC gummies, you must know the drug laws in your destination region to avoid legal issues.


Will HHC Show up on a Drug Test?

HHC can likely cause an individual to fail a drug test, so it is best to avoid taking it if one is expecting a drug test. HHC is chemically similar to THC. It can metabolize into many of the same compounds, including THC-COOH, one of the primary markers to detect THC in a blood, urine, or saliva sample. Although there is not much evidence to back up the claims that HHC is somehow immune to drug testing, some people still believe it to be true.

However, the frequency of use of HHC products is essential, with people who frequently consume HHC gummies or HHC vape carts needing to stop at least two weeks before a drug test to avoid failing. It may only take three days for people who only use HHC once to clear their system.

Unfortunately, there is no current data on HHC's effects on humans, so research is still being conducted on how HHC lingers in an individual's system. HHC is probable to remain in the system for roughly two to thirty days, with age, the dosage used, and individual metabolism all affecting how long it takes the body to eliminate HHC from the system. Individuals who use HHC more frequently will find it takes longer for their bodies to remove it.

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning the body's fat cells absorb and store them, and removing HHC from fat cells takes much longer than removing it from the bloodstream. Some people are naturally slow at metabolizing cannabinoids, while others have a fast metabolism. Factors such as the frequency of use of HHC, age, and individual metabolism affect how long HHC stays in the system.

60mg HHC Gummy Worms Ingredients:


Corn syrup (from corn), sugar (from beets), water, gelatin, citric acid, artificial flavor, lactic acid, pectin (derived from fruits), HHC Extract, fD&C yellow #5, titanium dioxide (color), FD&C red #40



Nutrition Facts:


Serving size: 1 worm (5g), amount per serving DV%, Calories 23, cholesterol 0mg, Carbohydrates 5.5g, dietary fiber 0g, Total Sugars 4g, includes 4g added sugars, Total Fat 0g (0%), saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g, vitamin D 0%, calcium 1.5mg 0%, iron 0%, potassium 1mg 0%

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